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Micro Sweeper™

Livestock Waterer Ice Preventor

The Micro Sweeper™ represents further enhancements to our industry standard ice preventors. The reduced size of the device provides purchase price savings to the customer while enhancing function and maximizing the number of years of service.


The technology in the Micro Sweeper™ reduces water consumption to the absolute minimum amount required to prevent ice formation in the waterer. It achieves this water savings utilizing a faster valve activation mechanism. The Micro Sweeper™ is manufactured in the USA to perform as a precision instrument and yet work for years in a tough environment.

  • One Simple Installation

  • No Adustment of the product – EVER.

  • Automatic Mechanical operation – no electricity required.

  • Fast and dependable operation – uses the least amount of water possible.

  • Failsafe operation.

  • Precision manufactured to exacting standards.

  • Made in the USA – 100% tested at factory.

How It Works

In operation, the Micro Sweeper™ turns on at 41 degrees F and turns off at 42 degrees F. It is a thermal sensing valve that is constantly in contact with the water and “intermittently” releases enough pressurized water to prevent surface ice, as the water temperature dictates. No more – no less.


The Micro Sweeper™ can be plumbed in any type of waterer, no matter how it was originally equipped. It requires no maintenance, no electricity and no adjustment, EVER.


The Micro Sweeper™ is designed and manufactured in the USA to provide a long life in tough conditions and to deliver matchless performance. The quality construction and very precise control ensures the most economical usage of water in preventing the formation of ice in waterers.

  • Patented design uses the least amount of water possible to prevent ice development

  • Fastest, most efficient response mechanism on the market

  • Low initial cost and long life

  • Can be installed in any tank.

  • Can be used as backup for electric and/or insulated tanks.

  • Quality manufacturing ensures reliability

  • More than 10 years experience in the field

Compared to Other Solutions

Constant flow will …

  • Waste massive amounts of water

  • May cause retention ponds to overflow

Electric Heating is …

  • Expensive

  • High Maintenance

  • Dangerous

Insulation or Super Insulation is…

  • Dependent on the frequency of livestock drinking

  • Sensitive to duration of cold weather

Micro Sweeper™ technology has the best water efficiency in the industry as compared to any ice preventor method using water flow.

Reduced Water Usage

Environmentally Friendly

Increased Reliability
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