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Ice Sweeper™

Automatic Surface Ice Preventor

  • Just enough water flows through the trough to keep it free from ice, drastically reducing water usage.

  • Cold water is released as the temperature nears freezing.

  • Water is replaced by warmer water from the float.

  • Water is removed from the bottom of the trough helping to keep it clear of sediment.

No More Frozen Livestock Waterers 
  • Livestock will have access to water because surface ice will not build up in a waterer with a properly installed Ice Sweeper™.

  • The thermally activated discharge of water through the Ice Sweeper™ is very conservative in its water usage, as compared to other intermittent flow devices. Only water that is close to freezing is discharged. That means less pumping and less impoundment of run-off.

  • The device is all mechanical, no electricity required, and built with quality material to provide long service in a harsh environment.

  • The Ice Sweeper™ comes with a full 3-year limited replacement warranty, exclusive only of exposed seals.

  • Compared to warming tanks with heaters, the Ice Sweeper™ saves money. Compared to other “intermittent flow devices,” the Ice Sweeper™ is very dependable, uses less water and shuts off water flow reliably when the threat of the water freezing is gone.

  • Labor presently used to open and close bleeder valves can be eliminated.

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