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Welcome to Baker Products, Ltd.

Providing cost effective freeze protection products to ensure that your livestock has running water available all year round.


Baker Products, Ltd. has been developing freeze protection related products for over a decade.

Freeze Miser TM

Freeze Miser™ Outdoor Faucet Protector

Protects pressurized water faucet from freezing. Installation requires no tools and less than a minute of your time. Mechanical operation. No electricity required for the Freeze Miser™ Protection using the minimum amount of water and only when required. Engineered, developed and manufactured in the USA for durability and reliability. Read More..

Micro Sweeper TM Livestock Waterer Ice Preventor

Micro Sweeper™ Livestock Waterer Ice Preventor

A thermal sensing valve that is constantly in contact with the water and “intermittently” releases enough pressurized water to prevent surface ice, as the water temperature dictates. No more – no less. Can be plumbed in any type of waterer, no matter how it was originally equipped. Requires no maintenance, no electricity and no adjustment, EVER. Read More..

Ice Sweeper TM Automatic Surface Ice Preventor

Ice Sweeper™ Automatic Surface Ice Preventor

Prevents surface ice build up in a waterer. The thermally activated discharge of water is very conservative in its water usage, as compared to other intermittent flow devices. Only water that is close to freezing is discharged. That means less pumping and less impoundment of run-off. The device is all mechanical, no electricity required, and built with quality material. Read More..


About Us

Baker Products has developed freeze protection technologies for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide cost effective and real solutions for residential, businesses, ranches and feed lot applications in maintaining water availability under freezing conditions with “stand alone” products.


These products are easy to install and don't require electricity. They are all made in the U.S.A. of top mechanical and quality engineering built for years of service.

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